Welcome to Skill Development Association Punjab

A   )   The mission of the Skill Development Association is to open run support & fight for the rights and protection of Institutions of Professional, Vocational, Educational, Paramedical, Technical, and Information Technologies located in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir which are working with minimum resources and do not fulfill the requirements of bellow authorities because of high requirements: –

  1. National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), Islamabad
    b. National Training Bureau (NTB), Islamabad
    c. Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE), Lahore
    d. Trade Testing Boards (TTBs) Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Blouchistan, Muzaffarabad
    e. Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC), Lahore
    f. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education (KP-BTE), Peshawar
    g. Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE), Karachi
    h. National University of Technology (NUTECH), Islamabad

B )  All Institutions of the Skill Development Association can register students for Trade Testing Board KPK for External Certification through the Unique Institute of Technical and Professional Education Islamabad affiliated with the Trade Testing Board Peshawar Workshop Campus of Skill Development Association.

D  )   The Skill Development Association has established a Body in the name of Accreditation of Private Professional Training Institute & Center (APPTIC separately to maintain the quality and standard in the following training fields:
1  )  Technical Training
2  )  Vocational Training
3   )  Professional Training
4  )  Information Technology Training
5  )  Paramedics Training
The main objectives to establish an Accreditation of Private Professional Training Institute & Center will be as under:

1  ) To prepare Standards curriculums for all the above mention training programs keeping in view the standard of National and International curricula.

2  )  To print books, periodicals, newspapers, fortnightly newsletters for pamphlets, leaflets, banners, and posters for the awareness of the general public and to adopt all those measures which may be considered, desirable for the promotion of the objects of Skill Development Association.

  3  )  To arrange workshops, and seminars for the trainees to give a proper view and arrange an open house for the trainees as well affiliates institutions to discuss and give an awareness of various programs in which the institute has inducted the students.

 4  )  The main objective of the Accreditation of Private Professional Training Institute & Center (APPTIC) will be to verify and attest the diplomas and certificates after the trade test/examination.
5   )  The Accreditation of Private Professional Training Institute & Center (APPTIC) will work under the administrative control of the Skill Development Association.
 7  )  It will be the responsibility of the APPTIC to get attestations/verifications of Diplomas and Certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as from the Concern Embassies in Pakistan, Government Departments/Organizations, and other public Sectors of the country.
8 )    It will be the responsibility of APPTIC to ensure the proper awarding of the diplomas to qualified students and experienced persons timely as well as dully get the attestation and verification from the concerned Departments.

9  )   To encourage, promote, support, or arrange symposia, seminars, lectures, classes, demonstrations, and exhibitions for the purpose to give the awareness regarding objectives of the Skill Development Association.

10   )   To award from time to time, scholarships to orphans, disabled and outstanding students, who got high grades and based on original research work will be awarded free education in all respect even to bear all the expenditures that occurred during the tenure of their education.
It will be the responsibility of the APPTIC to strengthen the examination system of Skills Institutes that are affiliated/ accredited with the Skill Development Association.

E  )  To motivate the students for research, job orientation program, and other training activities in which the students will be benefited.
F  )  To assist and provide Audio / Video aids to the students.
G  )  To reduce Poverty alleviation through the preparation of professionals.
H  )  To establish, build, set up, and manage Computer Training Institutes in the fields
of Information Technology, Paramedics, Vocational, Professional, and Technical.
I )   To undertake in any other manner, the diffusion of useful knowledge.
J  )  To provide uniforms, books, and educational facilities to deserving students.
K  )  To promote the cause of National Educational / Financing and Patronizing Educational Institutions.

L  )   To foster in the hearts and minds of the students of Pakistani in deep and abiding loyalty to Islam and living consciousness of the Muslim National Brotherhood.
M  )  To develop programs by the Quran and Sunnah, the character of a true Muslim.
N  )  To create interest, love for learning, and discipline among the youth.
O   )   To create a sense of responsibility among the youth to use their knowledge for socio-economic growth and development.
P  )   To adopt useful measures to eradicate illiteracy and unemployment.
Q  )  To do such other activities for the welfare of the beneficiaries of the Association.
R  )   To donate and subsidize any amount, goods, or property to a person or institution serving the cause of the Association.
S  )  To grant scholarships for research work and promotion for the Association as the Association may deem fit.
T  )   To make grants for the benefit and welfare of the beneficiary and poor employees of the Association.

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