Auto Electrician

Auto Electrician


The Auto Electrician Course is a dynamic and specialized training program designed to immerse individuals in the intricate world of automotive electrical systems. This comprehensive course delves into the core principles of electrical components found in vehicles, encompassing everything from basic circuits to advanced electronic systems. With a strong emphasis on hands-on training, participants develop practical skills in diagnosing and repairing a wide array of electrical issues commonly encountered in modern automobiles. The curriculum also encompasses the integration of emerging technologies, ensuring that students are well-versed in the latest advancements shaping the automotive industry. By the end of the course, graduates emerge as adept auto electricians, ready to tackle the challenges posed by the ever-evolving landscape of automotive electronics.

Course Objectives:

  1. Foundational Understanding: The Auto Electrician Course sets out to establish a solid foundational understanding of automotive electrical systems, covering basic principles to foster a comprehensive knowledge base.

  2. Diagnostic Proficiency: An essential objective is to impart diagnostic skills, enabling participants to identify and troubleshoot a diverse range of electrical issues commonly encountered in vehicles.

  3. Hands-On Training: The course aims to provide extensive hands-on training, allowing individuals to develop practical expertise in working with various electrical components such as wiring, batteries, and starter motors.

  4. Safety Compliance: Ensuring safety in the automotive electrical workspace is a key goal, with the course focusing on instilling adherence to safety protocols and industry standards to protect both technicians and vehicles.

  5. Adaptation to Technology: The objective is to prepare students for the rapid technological advancements in the automotive sector by incorporating the latest electronic systems and emerging technologies into the curriculum.

  6. Efficient Problem-Solving: Participants are trained to become adept problem solvers, equipped with the skills needed to efficiently address and resolve complex electrical issues in vehicles.

Fees and Eligibility :

  • Eligibility:-As per course requirement

Documents Required :

  1. Educational Documents ( Attested )
  2. Two Copies of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  3. Two Recent Passport Size Color Photographs
  4. Original Bank Deposit Slip