Skill Development Association

Established Under Registration Act.XXI of 1860

Professional Diploma in Anesthesia

course outlines

1 )   Health sciences – are those sciences which focus on (HEALTH), or , as core parts of their subject matter. These two subject matters relate to multiple academic disciplines,(and as such) both  disciplines, as well as emerging disciplines (such as  and are both relevant to health science knowledge.

2 ) Health sciences’ knowledge bases are diverse, with intellectual foundations that are sometimes mutually-inconsistent.

3 ) There is an existing bias in the field, towards high valuation of knowledge deriving from controlling views on the human agency (as epitomized by the epistemological basis of compare this against the more naturalistic views on human agency taken by research based on  for

4 ) The Government of Pakistan’s initiative in the mid-seventies to establish new seats of learning to spur medical education and research in Pakistan led to the establishment of this institution

 5 ) The library complex possesses a hall and provides various learning resources for the faculty and the teachers. There are two main sections of the library: the main hall and the internet facility next to the office of the chief librarian. The main hall houses a collection of 28,000 books and various journals. Most of the books and journals are related to medicine and allied fields and written by authors of international repute. The library subscribes to 14 international medical journals and 20 national medical journals. Apart 5 ) from the medical books, the library has a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, Islamic encyclopedias, English and Urdu novels and poetry. The Internet facility is the newest addition to the library complex

Fees and Eligibility :
  • Eligibility:-
Documents Required :
  1. Educational Documents ( Attested )
  1. 2 ) Two Copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  1. 3 )Two Recent Passport Size Color Photographs
  1. 4 )Original Bank Deposit Slip


Medical / Preventive

Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years

/ Engineering

Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years

Computer Science
/ IT

Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years