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course outlines

 1 )  This course examines the history and contemporary forms of broadcast television and radio, and develops an understanding of the impact of digitization, which students gained in the introductory media course, Digital Revolutions. 

2 )  It compares public, commercial, and community models of broadcast media organisations by examining ownership and the range of audiences, styles, formats and the content typical of each institution. 

3 )  National broadcast regulation and policy-making is considered in relation to the forming or sustaining of communities. The course considers the production, reception and distribution of broadcast content, nationally, and globally with reference to format trade. Cable, TiVo, MTV and JTV are discussed.

4 )  Celebrity-based programming and genre traditions, such as reality television, live radio talkback, news, documentary, sitcom, sports, drama and games are studied as ways of understanding the mobilisation of audience share, content flows, and revenue. Students may take a practical option- writing for a television or radio genre- as part of their assessment.

 5 ) The library complex possesses a hall and provides various learning resources for the faculty and the teachers. There are two main sections of the library: the main hall and the internet facility next to the office of the chief librarian. The main hall houses a collection of 28,000 books and various journals. Most of the books and journals are related to Broadcast: Television & Radio and allied fields and written by authors of international repute. The library subscribes to 14 international Broadcast: Television & Radio journals and 20 national medical journals. Apart 5 ) from the Broadcast: Television & Radio books, the library has a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, Islamic encyclopedias, English and Urdu novels and poetry. The Internet facility is the newest addition to the library complex

Fees and Eligibility :
  • Eligibility:-
Documents Required :
  1. Educational Documents ( Attested )
  1. 2 ) Two Copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  1. 3 )Two Recent Passport Size Color Photographs
  1. 4 )Original Bank Deposit Slip

Medical / Preventive

Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years

/ Engineering

Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years

Computer Science
/ IT

Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years

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